Abortion Restrictions – Fought against attempts that would have imposed the most restrictive limitations on a woman’s right to make medical decisions in the entire country and would have criminalized health care providers in certain instances from performing services that are currently deemed medically necessary.

Domestic Violence Protections – Supported updates to the state Domestic Relations Law to simplify divorce procedures for spousal abuse victims. It enables abuse victims to divorce their spouse without needing the spouse’s consent. This legislation also added provisions to empower abused spouses to refuse marital counseling with their spouse during divorce procedures, if they have a protection from abuse order filed against them.

Equitable Gender Representation – Co-sponsored a resolution encouraging corporate boards in Pennsylvania to implement equitable gender representation by increasing the number of women serving as directors and corporate management.

Sexual Assault Evidence (Rape Kit Testing) – Supported legislation that requires the state Department of Health to identify approved labs for evidence testing and establish guidelines for laboratories’ evidence processing. The bill establishes more rights for the victims by making all analyses of their case evidence available to them. The bill also establishes a time limit for conducting and processing rape case testing.

Rape Survivor Child Custody – Helped advance updates to the state Domestic Relations Code to provide custody rights in the event of a child being conceived because of certain sexual offenses. This legislation deprives offenders from interacting with the child conceived by any of the listed sexual offenses (rape, sexual assault, statutory sexual assault, institutional sexual assault, and incest) by ending their parental rights.

Protection From Abuse Orders – Co-sponsors legislation that would require defendants in final PFA cases surrender their firearms. Moreover, persons ordered to relinquish their firearms, weapons, or ammunition would no longer be allowed to give them to a third-party for safe-keeping—guns would only be able to be relinquished to the County Sheriff or other law enforcement agency or to a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer.

The Midwife Center for Birth and Women’s Health – Secured $1 million in state Redevelopment Assistance funding for an expansion of the center. The expansion more than doubled the size of the facility and added 2 new birth suites, several exam rooms, and additional office/storage space.