Teamed up with Senate Veteran’s Affairs Chairmen and area professional sports teams on the “One Empty Seat” campaign where open seats were designated at stadiums to honor and remember POW/MIA service men and women.

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program Veteran’s Disability Income – Co-sponsored law that eliminated a veteran’s disability income from being considered as income when determining their eligibility for the state’s Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program.

Civil Service Preference for Veterans – Supported measure that provided for a veterans’ preference on civil service exams.

Stolen Valor – Co-sponsored and voted in favor of Stolen Valor Act that created a new offense under the state Crimes Code when a person makes a misrepresentation of military service or honors with intent to obtain money, property or other benefit or fraudulently holds themselves out to be a member or veteran of the armed forces, or the recipient of any military decoration or medal. Another stolen valor measure I supported was the enactment of legislation that penalizes any individual who falsely claims to be a veteran on their Pennsylvania driver’s license application.

Expedited Teaching Certificates for Military – Voted in favor of the act that expedited teaching certificates and reduced fees for active and former military members and their spouses.

“Honoring our Veterans” Motorcycle License Plates – Supported the establishment of a special veterans’ license plate for motorcycles.

Veterans Transition – Supported enactment of measure to assist veterans transition from their military life to a civilian career.

Persian Gulf War Bonus Program – Voted in favor of measure that extended the Persian Gulf Veterans’ Bonus Program.

Veteran-Owned Business Fee Exemption –Supported the establishment of a state business start-up fee exemption for veteran-owned or reservist-owned small businesses. This law also provided for voluntary veterans’ preference in private employment and enables private employers to adopt and apply a veterans’ preference employment policy.

Korean War Veterans Representation – Voted in favor of law that added the Korean War Veterans Association, Inc. as a representative to the State Veterans Commission.

Veterans Trust Fund – Co-sponsored legislation that established the Veterans Trust Fund to provide grants for veterans’ assistance programs across Pennsylvania. The revenue is used to help veterans and their families, provide for shelter and other living necessities and to build and maintain honorary monuments.

Veterans’ Registry – Voted in favor of recently enacted law that require the state Department of Military Veterans Affairs to establish a veterans’ registry for outreach purposes.