Funding Assistance for Private Water and Sewer Lateral Repairs – Authored and championed recently enacted legislation that allows local municipal authorities to use public funds to repair private water and sewer laterals. Also introduced legislation that passed the Senate which would allow municipalities and municipal authorities to use state PENNVEST funding for water and sewer lateral replacements on private property.

Parking Authority Participation in Economic Development Projects – Co-prime sponsored recently enacted legislation that allows the Pittsburgh Parking Authority to help finance, develop and participate in mixed-use projects. The measure also allows for the lease, license, or easement of land, buildings, and dedicated structures for parking to support commercial or residential uses.

Neighborhood Assistance (NAP) Tax Credit – Authored legislation to double the amount of funding for the Neighborhood Improvement Tax Credit program. The overall goal of NAP is to help improve the lives of low-income people in distressed neighborhoods through the creation of an effective partnership between community-based organization and the business and corporate community.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority (ICA) – Co-prime sponsored measure enacted that made changes to the ICA in terms of transparency and creates new responsibilities and accountability measures.

Act 47 Status – Support the removal of the City of Pittsburgh from Act 47 distressed status.

Statewide 211 System – Supported legislation in the Senate that would create a statewide 211 system to provide health and human service assistance in local communities.