Anti-Swatting – Supported legislation in the Senate that would have required the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing to create a punishment for making a false report that leads to an individual being harmed or killed from responding to the fake emergency following a false report/emergency phone call to an emergency service entity.

Death Benefits for Civil Air Patrol – Voted in favor of a measure that added a $100,000 death benefit to members of the Pennsylvania Civil Air Patrol.

Extension of Death Benefits Filing – Voted in favor of the measure that extended the filing period for the death benefit from 90 days to three years, which put the state’s filing period in line with the federal Public Safety Officers’ Death and Disability Benefits Program.

First Responders Solicitation – Supported legislation that allowed first responder organizations to solicit contributions alongside roads and highways.

Tax Credits for Volunteer First Responders – Voted in favor of the law that authorized local governments to offer income and/or property tax credits for volunteer first responders.