Online Posting of School Policies – Authored legislation that was enacted to require all school districts to post their school policies on the district’s public website.

Full Day Kindergarten Requirement – Authored legislation to require all school districts in the Commonwealth to provide full day kindergarten programs.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Schools – Authored legislation to require carbon monoxide detectors in all elementary and secondary schools.

Lead Testing in Schools – Authored legislation requiring every school building to be tested for lead.

Keystone Exam Reform – Supported legislation that reduced the number of required Keystone Exam tests and provided alternative proficiency requirements for career and technical education students.

Special Education Funding Formula – Supported enactment of a special education funding formula for school districts.

Basic Education Funding Formula – Support legislation that would implement a fairer, more equitable funding formula for basic education funding for schools.

Charter School Reform – Support measures that will bring much-needed reform to charter school system with regard to both oversight/governance and payments by school districts.