Extreme Risk Protection Order – Author of legislation to establish a system in our Commonwealth for the implementation of Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs).  An Extreme Risk Protection Order grants family members and law enforcement the ability to petition a court to temporarily suspend an individual’s access to firearms if there is documented evidence that an individual is a threatening harm to themselves or others.  The person subject to that order must surrender their guns to police and will not be able to buy, sell, or possess other firearms with a judge determining the time frame of this suspension not to exceed one year. 

Current laws barring gun ownership are limited.  Generally, a person with a long history of mental health issues can still legally buy or possesses firearms if they don’t fall into specific statutory categories.  Many times law enforcement have felt that their hands are tied when it comes to some circumstances. By enacting ERPO in Pennsylvania, our state will empower those who are closest to an individual and who are exhibiting dangerous behaviors by temporarily taking away their ability to have access to guns.  Around 42 percent of mass shooters exhibit warning signs or concerning behaviors before their crimes.  ERPOs will give families and law enforcement another tool to prevent a possible tragedy before it happens. 

Assault Weapons Ban – Author of legislation that would enact an assault weapons ban in Pennsylvania. I feel this is a sensible ban on military-grade weapons that have no place in civilian life and are unnecessary for self-defense.  These guns were made to kill people quickly and efficiently and it’s time that the General Assembly and residents say they have no place being in Pennsylvania.