Reporting of Child Abuse by School Employees – Authored and advanced landmark child protection law that requires all school personnel to report cases of child abuse to law enforcement and the state Department of Human Services ChildLine. Prior to enactment of this law, employees were only responsible to report suspected cases of abuse to a supervisor within the institution.

Activities for Foster Children – Supported legislation that provides guidelines and standards for guardians of a foster child to decide if a child should participate in certain activities and events. Previously, a foster child needed pre-approval from their respective agency to participate in certain events. Permission was required for activities such as: staying over at someone’s house, playing sports, or going on a field trip. This new law will let the child’s guardian approve these types of trips, outings and activities, giving foster children more opportunities to lead a normal life.

Family Support Orders – Voted in favor of legislation that updated the state Family Support Act to bring Pennsylvania into compliance with uniform laws regarding interstate and international jurisdiction of family support orders. Also requires county agencies to contact the police and report suspicions of a child being a victim of sex trafficking.

Cyber harassment of a Child – Supported the law that was enacted which added “cyber harassment of a child” as a penalty under the Pennsylvania Crimes Code.

Statute of Limitations on Sexual Offenses and Human Trafficking – Supported legislation in the Senate that would have given victims more time to file a civil suit against a child sexual abuse perpetrator. Also voted in favor of similar legislation that would have completely removed the statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases.

Sale of E-Cigarettes to Minors – Supports legislation to prevent the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.

Sale of Powdered Alcohol to Minors – Supported legislation in the Senate that would ban minors from using powdered alcohol.

Information Sharing Between Child Welfare Agencies – Voted in favor of a measure that enhanced information sharing between agencies involved in child welfare, child delinquency or the identification of at risk children. This law allows these agencies to enter into information sharing agreements and requires children and youth agencies, courts or juvenile probation departments to provide all records containing drug and alcohol treatment, mental health information and educational background to the county agency, court or juvenile probation department requesting the information

Stability for At-Risk Students – Supported legislation in the Senate that would have amended the Code of Judicial Procedure to ensure that a child placed in shelter care be able to remain in the same school they attended prior to placement.

Transitioning Disabled Students to the Workforce – Voted in favor of the “Work Experience for High School Students with Disabilities Act” to help disabled students transition from school into the workforce.