Libre’s Law – Co-sponsored the extensive protection law that strengthened the penalties for animal cruelty, updated the tethering laws and put in protections for veterinarians and other professionals from lawsuits for reporting allegations of animal cruelty.

Kennel Licensure – Supported a bill in the Senate that would have required applicants applying for a kennel license to prove that family members who have had their kennel license revoked within the last 10 years would have no interaction with the animals.

Animal Fighting Offense – Voted in favor of law that made it a third-degree misdemeanor to possess any drug, device, or object used to train or engage animals in staged fights.

Cruelty to Service Dogs – Supported a bill in the Senate that would have toughened penalties against those who kill, maim or torture a guide, hearing or service dog.

Abusing Pets of Estranged Significant Others – Senate Bill 594 in 2015 would have deterred animal cruelty by imposing a fine on individuals who abuse pets of estranged significant others (Passed the Senate 49-0, died in the House).